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Maidenhead Rugby club has adopted the RFU equity policy details of which can be found here


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The welfare of young people in Rugby Union is a major priority and as such, RFU clubs have each been asked to appoint a Safeguarding Officer. As a club we have been given the Seal of Approval status and therefore we have an increasing responsibility within the community which includes....


Having to:

  1. Appoint a Safeguarding Officer who will act as the first point of conduct for concerns about the welfare of young people.
  2. Publish a Child Protection Policy within the Club.
  3. Ensure that all officers and committee members are aware of practice or abuse in line with RFU/W Policy
  4. Implement a policy of Best Practice for all adults working with young people.
  5. Ensure that all relevant members who have regular supervisory contact with children or a management responsibility for those working with young people undertake an Enhanced Criminal Records Bureau disclosure.
  6. Identify a disciplinary panel which, where necessary, is able to manage cases of poor practice as identified by the RFU Child Protection Officer.

All club members must adhere to the relevant RFU Codes of Conduct:

These codes of conduct can be found here or the RFU websites. They will also be displayed on the safeguarding notice board within the clubhouse.


General Behaviour

In Rugby Union, players are impressionable and their behaviour will often reflect that of the adults around them. At Maidenhead we welcome spectators on our touchlines who embrace the ethos of the game as one of FUN, ENJOYMENT and SKILL DEVELOPMENT.


In Rugby Union the following behaviours are encouraged:

Finally please remember these young people play for FUN and the Love of the Game. Let us all encourage them to achieve that by adopting a positive attitude at all times.